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The Jerry Doyle Drool Page


First the bad news Noelle has resigned from active participation as president of the fan club. With a business and writing career that are taking off, not to mention children to care for, Noelle doesn't have the time she'd like to devote to the fan club. Rather than let the club wither away, she has passed the job on to me.

Noelle has done a wonderful job with the fan club, and her presence will be missed very much.

Second, the good news as far as I know, Jerry does want to keep the fan club going. I will be contacting him in a few weeks to confirm this (after he recovers from 8 months of campaigning!), but in the meantime its business as usual.

Okay, not quite as usual the fan club is moving to a completely online format. This means membership costs can be greatly reduced as in no membership fee! I do not have the previous membership list from Noelle, so please visit the "Join the Club" link and fill out the form there. You must join in order to gain access the newsletter, but I hope to offer members such things as contests and other perks (much like Noelle did).

Some of the logistics for the new online format are still being worked out, so please bear with me if some sections appear disorganized or flat-out wont work (let me know about those ones!).

And finally, thank you to Noelle for giving me the opportunity to fill her shoes. I hope I can do as good a job as you did.


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