Q: Garibaldi has endured many different things on B5, if you can make the jump to Crusade, what kind of changes or things would you like to see to your character?

Jerry: I like the way my character was written, but I would like to see action and romance. I think the success of shows like Xena And Hercules, shows in that category, are successful because they do have a certain amount of action and romance Babylon 5 didn't have. When you marry off your leading man, there is no place to for them to go. And the supporting story line didn't flush that out with. Just generally speed up the action, less talk and less ethereal, less cerebral. More action.. more romance.

Q: What other types of roles would you like to see yourself doing as an actor in either another TV show, or movies?

Jerry: I can see myself in a show like Homicide, as a cop. I can see myself in ER. Good dialog, dramatic, but I'd do comedy too, if I came across a good one that wanted me.

Questions by Joan Martin