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S=Sexual situations

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A Hot Time in the City for Bester- - author: Joan Martin - a very "interesting" crossover into the GFO universe.

At what Price? - - author: Lynne Ann Morse- poem inspired by events in "Face of the Enemy"

Commando Garibaldi pt.1 - - author: Mike Bell - a fun filled adventure staring Garibaldi and his side kick: Kung Fu Lennier.

Commando Garibaldi pt.2 - - author: Mike Bell - If you liked part one, you may like part two as well.

Descent -V - author: Fossil - How Season 4 should have ended

Decent Into Madness - LVS-author: - A *very* good murder mystery on board Babylon 5, in which Garibaldi must come to terms with his drinking.

The Face of the Enemy is a Face of a Friend --author: Kate Bolin - a Short about Garibaldi and the savior of Babylon 5's season 5.

Garibaldi's Debt - -author: Cara Saayman - A short story about Garibaldi with reflections on his service in the Earth Minbari war.

I Cut Myself - -author: Noelle Hay- An odd B5 parody on the song "I touch myself" by the Diviniyls.

Infinite Regress Part - S,L - author: Anne E. Clements - A series of stories where the author is introduced into the world of Babylon 5 (season 5).

Interlude - -author: Patricia Colby - A very good short story about Garibaldi coming to terms with his true calling.

Journey Into Darkness Pt 1 - - author: Fossil - Comments on this fan fic is welcomed.

Journey Into Darkness Pt. 2 - - author: Fossil - Comments on this fan fic is welcomed.

Journey Into Darkness Pt. 3 - - author: Fossil - Comments on this fan fic is welcomed.

Journey Into Darkness Pt. 4 - - author: Fossil - Comments on this fan fic is welcomed.

Just For Men, 2261 - - author: Kate Bolin - A humorous little short about Garibaldi

Unrequited Love - L- author: Noelle Hay - A continuing story of a former lover of Garibaldi's assigned to Babylon 5 as a liason for covert operations on Earth.

Unrequited Love Part 2 - - author: Noelle Hay - the continuing story of Ellen Hatch, Garibaldi's former lover.

Unrequited Love Part 3 - - author: Noelle Hay - Part 3 of The Unrequited Love series.

What Do You Want Mr. Garibaldi? - - author: Kate Bolin - A short story where Mr. Morden asks Garibaldi What he wants.

Where In the World is Mr. Garibaldi -cScott- a very cute musical parody based on the episode "Where is Mr. Garibaldi" from Season 4


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