I Cut Myself

Sung to the tune: I touch myself, by the Divinyls


I'm not a Narn
But I did what I could, you see?
save 2000 Narns
As Abrohamo Lincolni,
I could search for truth,
It will just elude me,
But if I just hang out,
I'll be Emperor of Centauri

I don't see any body else,
when G'Kar's around me,
I cut myself
I don't want to be anywhere else
oh no, oh no, oh no


I don't understand this facination,
G'kars words are a contradiction,
Sometimes he makes me wonder,
Is he worth the frustration?


I close my eyes;
and see him before me,
I think I will die,
he's the one who abhores me,
A fool could see,
just how much he deplores me,
It's just a show,
I know he adores me.


I don't think there's is anybody else,
who could have writen better
except myself,
I don't think there's anybody else,
oh no, ohno, oh no


I've got some teeps,
They need some money,
Hey there G'Kar,
Come over here honey,
I've got something for
someone in your position
you better lie down,
for my proposition


I don't need anybody else,
isn't it enough,
I don't trust myself
I don't need anybody else,
oh no, oh no, oh no


I've shot lotsa Narns
So It' best for your health
To join the team if you've got red eyes
before I shoot someone else,
oooh, ohhh, oooooh, aaaaaah!!!!!


I don't need anybody else
when I think about the war ahead
I curse myself,
I don't need anybody else,
oh no, oh no, oh no!


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