Excerpt from SCI FI INVASION

Spring 98

By Michael Goldman

Doyle remembers telling Scoggins to "bite me, only to have her respond with a firm "lick me twice." When Garibaldi suggested to Lochley that she "try decaff" Lochley responded by instructing him to "kiss my ass-Such chutzpa convinced Straraynski and other producers they'd found their Lochley. "She gave as good as she got' recalls Stracrynski.

"Jerry elbowed me as he walked out of the room and said, 'She's the one."'

Doyle says that experience set the tone of Tracey Scoggins quick acceptance Into the "B5' fraternity: "We're a fun bunch on the set,'' he says. ''There’s is a lot of practical joking, things like that It's important to see not only how she acts in front of the camera, but also when she's not acting. When I did those scenes with her during her audition and she really read me the riot act and left me with egg on my face, that convinced me she was perfect for our cast, And she said those things in front of the whole crew of executives from Warner Brothers. It's tough walking onto a show and replacing a popular character, but she's doing a great I job. and she's fun on the set"