Hollywood Reporter

Babylon 5 Salute

April 8-13, 1998

Credits to MP

Jerry Doyle: Michael Garibaldi, the head of covert operations for the Interstellar Alliance

On the inspiration for his portrayal of Garibaldi: My dad was a New York City cop for about 20 years. I grew up with cops, I know cops. I like cops. I feel comfortable with cops. So, I just tried to make him kind of like a cop in space.

On filming special effects: Youíve got this real expensive camera pointed at you and all these people have to stand perfectly still so they can film you standing there staring at a blank wall. Thatís ironic. The audience sees me thinking about something, and all Iím thinking to myself is, "Look at all these people standing around watching me stare at a blank wall. Iím getting paid for this? This is cool." The reality is weíre wearing someone elseís clothes, on a plywood space station on a cul-de-sac in Sun Valley, CA.

On visiting NASA: These people think that what we do is cool. They donít get it. What they do is cool. They wanted my autograph. I said, "No thatís so wrong. Thatís so wrong." I have a "B5" hat that was signed by six or seven astronauts on one of the last missions that flew. They took the hat up, wore it in space, took a picture of them flying in outer space with the B% hat and then they all signed the hat.

On flying an F-16: We did aerial combat, intercepts, formation flying Ė we even went supersonic. At the end of my ride he said, "Are you ready for the big one?" I said, "Letís go." Nine-G maneuver. I gotta tell you, thatís some kind of feeling.