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Case 1...Lynne Ann Morse

Case 2...Bibana de la Garza (aka my mom)

Lynne Ann

Figuring out the characters of Babylon 5 takes a hands-on meaning for a GFO member Lynne Ann Morse -- here are some attempts she's recently finished. The figures are beadwork bodies, with polymer clay heads, hands and feet. (Polymer clay is a plastic which is pliable at room temperature, but can be hardened in an ordinary kitchen oven.) Some details were added using acrylic paint. The figures have pinbacks, and so can be worn as lapel pins. They are each just slightly longer than the palm of a hand. Beading a basic figure takes about nine hours; they take longer if they have lots of extras, or if they are a new design. The heads take a lot of time, especially if one is attempting the likeness of a cast member. .

These two figures are a silly Psi Cop (check out the rainbow gloves) and Delenn. The Psi Cop is done in even-count peyote stitch, combining Delica beads and matte black Japanese seed beads. The Delenn figure has some additions (sleeves, shoulders) in brick stitch, using all Japanese seed beeds. The ornament at her neck contains a Swarovski crystal, 3mm bicone colored "diamond black". The Psi Cop's badge was made from polymer clay. The necks are finished off with a couple of rows of peyote ruffle.

This Ranger Figure is primarily matte black seedbeads, with accent beads. The cloak is made from black and brown iris Delica beads, using right angle weave to get a more flowing, open effect. The staff is polymer clay.

And now, what Noelle has been waiting for, a Garibaldi figure! Well, sorta, after much study of photographic material. The Army of light uniform is made from Japanese seed beads, with details picked out by incorporating different  colored beads into the work. The cuffs and color are finished with black Delica beads, which impart a slightly different finish. The stand-up collar is made with square stitch.

(Okay, time to be mean now...)*No* the figures are *not* for sale and the crafter does *not* take commissions. Apart from licensing considerations, these are intended as love gifts, not trade goods. (end meanness alert)

Thank you all who have visited, and my thanks to Noelle for her generosity in not only giving me room here to show off, but also her web-writing skills in putting this page before you.

One last note of special thanks to jms... it's been a great ride, and a lovely sort of madness to propel me through producing this sort of thing! Good going, and keep it up, please!!


Here is what comes to Bibi's mind when you say "Garibaldi Fanz Online"

A great Idea..A Garibaldi Stamp, proving that even with G'Kar, Garibaldi can take a licking.