GFO Awards

current winners

Excellent Sites

Voltayre's Encylopedia Xenobiologica
A great site for all inquiries regarding the Babylon 5 Universe, from Aggamemnon to Z'Ha'Dum, it's all here.

Sci Fi Category

Kobol (A Battlestar Galactica Site)
For their excellent information, links, and pictures. Especially good for information on the BG revival.

past winners
Prevue Channel
Tania Zharova's Garibaldi Bio
Babylon 5 Trivia Site
Church of Joe

The Daily Babylon Security Reports
Welcome to Hyperspace
 Narn Homeworld
 Station Security
 Jerry Doyle Drool page
 Shrine to Garibaldi
 Babylon 5 Spoiler Junkies